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You won't find a salon home quite like ours.  We like to focus on superior guest experience, career growth opportunities and a salon culture that you've only ever dreamed of.  We are a team of babes supporting babes and we are waiting for you!  

Superior Guest Experience

We strive to be an eco-luxury salon, fulfilling the needs and wants of our guests from the perfect consultation to the organic and non-toxic products we recommend for her.  We nurture our guests through social media content, email marketing and local networking.  As a branded salon, we focus on growing our staff with the perfect guests so every day is smooth, fulfilling and enjoyable.  

Eco-luxury salon without the unnecessary use of chemicals. 

Sustainable, holistic, organic, boho...these are some words to best describe the vibe of the salon. We are a Green Circle Salon meaning we recycle 95% of salon waste, including color and hair trimmings.  Our Color is healthy for our guests and stylists, having less toxic chemicals on their scalp and your hands!  

Growth for you

As a team and individually, we set goals for you, so you are always working towards something good.  These goals are based off of what the salon expects from you as well as your own personal goals that we break down and help you achieve.  While being commission, we take care of all over head, reception, back bar, education, upgrading the salon, amazing amenities for your guests, online booking and so on.  We are consistently showing up for our guests on social media, email marketing and personal mailers.  We expect the same level of work ethic so we can grow as a team, reaching our goals and becoming successful together!  

"Being a stylist at Head Rush has been such an amazing experience!  Bridgette has created a space that allows us to do what we love and thrive to be the best. She has built a team of women that are strong, talented and truly care about making clients feel beautiful.  Bridgette is one of the most selfless and caring people I know.  While being a salon owner, wife, and mother of three, she ensures her team and clients are always a priority.  Bridgette supports us day in and day out with the tools we need, so that we can provide our clients with the very best service.  Head Rush has been my home away from home, where I always feel empowered, supported and loved!"

- Ashlynn, Head Rush Babe

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