Our team is made up of beautifully talented artists who give exceptional services, always putting our guests first. 


I was born and raised in Enfield, CT.   Back in high school, I wanted to leave across country just like everyone else.  Instead, I fell in love with my best friends brother, married him, had three beautiful babies and decided Enfield was a great town to grow a family.  I opened up Head Rush to bring the first sustainable salon to Enfield.  

I am really good at reading others energy, which is how I got a great group of ladies working at Head Rush!  I think what makes us unique is we truly want the best for each other, love hanging out outside of the salon, and even though we can make fun of each other like sisters we really do care for one another. 

We are artists and you are our canvas.  We are passionate about what we do and how we do it.  We have the confidence to say what will work and what will not and our guests appreciate our openness.  

If you think we are the salon for you, request an appointment and we will get you in!  


Bridgette D'Angelo 
Taurus / Manifestor in Human Design
Owner / Custom Colorist and Bridal Specialist


Stephenie Montie
Holistic Hairstylist & Bridal Stylist

Tanya Alaimo
Holistic Hairstylist & Bridal Stylist

Shania Quail
Holistic Hairstylist & Bridal Makeup/Hair Artist

Libra / Reflector

Mama to 2 girls

loves TJ Maxx and working out

Leo / Projector 

Girl Mom

loves crime podcasts and animals

Sagittarius / Generator

Boy Mom

loves Fall and food


Mikayla Lash

Holistic Hairstylist

Amanda Merola
Lash Technician + Makeup Artist

Pisces / Manifesting Generator
Mama to 3
loves mexican food + shopping

Scorpio / Generator 

Dog mom

loves working out and vacations

Sagittarius / Genorator

Dog Mom

loves dogs + Starbucks

Riley Bridge
Receptionist / Hair Student


Cassidy Currier 
Esthetician + Makeup Artist 

Capricorn / Generator

loves everything makeup