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Hair Experiences

Find the perfect fit for you.

New Hair Guests

New Guest Grey Coverage| $100-$155+ | 1.5-2hr service

Grey covererage with a customized color formulation just for you!  This service includes enough color for up to 1.5inches of regrowth.  If you have more than 1.5inches of regrowth additional color charges may apply.  Service includes a blowout and finished style.  

New Guest Partial Highlight | $275-$300+ | 3hr service

A half head of highlights covering top and sides of the head.  For brighter blondes, extra product is used and extra costs do apply.  Service includes a gloss/toner, blowout and finished style.  

New Guest Full Foil | $315-$400+ | 4hr service 

Perfect for the guest needing a full transformation, whether you are going lighter or adding dimension (max foils and techniques).  Service inlcudes  a custom gloss/toner, blowout and a finished style.   

New Guest Hand-Tied Extensions / IBE

Please fill out our application form here:


Color Services

Grey Coverage | $90+| 1.5hr service

The perfect service for a guest wanting their greys covered, or root color touched up (no highlight). 

Partial Highlights | $210-$250+ | 2.5hr service

This is for a guest who has achieved their hair goal, and needs it refreshed around the face.  This includes a partial foil and a custom gloss.

*Needed every 8-12 weeks

Face Frame Highlights + Root | $150+ | 2hr service

Perfect for a guest needing a root color and foils around the hairline.  

Full Highlight | $275-$300+ | 3hr service

This is a perfect service for the guest wanting a full foil, maximized blonde.  This includes a full foil, custom gloss, and a healing treatment.  *Needed 1-2x a year

The Melt | $275-$300+ | 3hr service

For the guest wanting maximized dimension.  This includes any foil or color melting techniques, a custom gloss and a healing treatment,  


Haircut | $55 | 30min service

The Perfect add-on to any color service to fully refresh your ends.  


K18 Hair Treatment | $30 | 5 min add on

The perfect add on treatment and mask to any color services or damaged hair.  Includes a post treatment mist and a leave in mask to help repair the hair and make it stronger. n

Milk Mask | $8 | 5 min service

A quick mask to add in between shampoo and conditioner to help balance the pH of the hair during chemical services.

Power Base Hair Mask | $15 | 10min service

For the guest needing extra protein to strengthen their hair.  Hot towel and scalp massage. 

Seven Day Miracle Mask | $15 | 10 min service 

For the guest needing extra moisture to nourish their dry hair.  Hot towel and scalp massage.

Shine Bright Mask | $30 | 15min service

For the guest wanting a full luxury treatment to the hair.  This mask brings softness and shine to the hair you notice instantly.  

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